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At Conus we are consistent. Our clients range from engineers, to architects, to industrial designers, to artists. When we cut mass-produced parts we get to make sure that each part perfectly conforms to the specs. We provide the highest quality laser cutting service possible.

Stainless Steel High Precision Laser Cutting

Prototyping for Startups

We love working with startups. From the initial spark of inspiration, to mass production, helping others realize their ideas is what we do best. The laser-cut stainless steel plaque to the left was designed by a new small company with a fresh product. We produced multiple prototypes to make sure every detail was right. We look forward to this new partnership!

Stainless Steel High Precision Laser Cutting Prototyping

High-Precision Laser Cutting

Precision and consistency means a lot in the fabrication industry. It's not only about having the right equipment, but also having the proper knowledge of, and experience with maintaining and setting working parameters. The stainless steel laser cut part shown to the left is an example of what can be produced when all parts of the laser cutting process are calibrated.

Stainless Steel High Precision Laser Cutting

High-Density Foam

As shown to the left, high-density foam is a wonderful material to showcase highly-detailed artwork. Not many other materials are able to handle the depth and fine detail of the laser engraving process.

High-Density Foam Laser Engraving Detail
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