Round Tubing Laser Cutting

Rotary Laser System

A rotary system is for processing of pipes, rods and other cylindrical items. The rotary device is driven by a high resolution servo motor resulting in smooth and accurate cutting performance.

Our laser tube cutters enable us to cut slots and holes in round tubing with diameters up to 6" and 32" long.  The pipe cutting device is commonly used by manufacturers of motorcycle exhausts, large filters and pipe joints.

Benefits of Laser Tube Cutting:

  • No tooling expenses
  • Minimal burrs or chips on cuts
  • Coolant-free (no cutting fluid residue left on parts)
  • Accurate tolerances (repeatability)
  • Multiple operations can be consolidated into one cycle
  • Small to large production runs
  • Conserve material by nesting several parts into the length of one tube

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